In the past few years, fillers were utilized for poly filling wrinkles. But nowadays, skincare experts use this to treat various skin problems. Superficial fillers are used for improving internal hydration of skin and rejuvenating the texture and quality to give smoother complexion. Our skin naturally produces Water-binding hyaluronic acid and its production gets less as you get older. Synthetic fillers are also available such as Radiesse and Sculptra that stimulate the formation of collagen in the dermis, therefore need fewer touch-ups, but these are expensive. Some fillers are perfect for sculpting face shape, whereas others are perfect to fill lips without any trout pout consequence.

Standard filler procedures are used to inject filler deep inside dermal layer of skin for recovering lost volume. The cannula is used in the latest technique by using a thread-like needle for depositing filler beneath the skin in a precise manner by causing less bruising as compared with injections. Hyaluronic acid fillers stay at the injected site without migrating to other parts.

How long does the procedure take?

Dermal fillers take only 15-30 minutes and you can immediately observe the results that are visible. The results will become more visible in next 2-3 weeks. Dermal fillers have long-lasting effects, though these are not permanent. These fillers usually last for 6 months as compared with Botox that last for just 4 months. Synthetic or calcium formulas like Sculptra and Radiesse can last for 2 years.

What if I don’t like the result?

2 kinds of dermal fillers are available in the marketplace. One is known as permanent, and other is known as non-permanent. Ensure that the used solution is dissolvable as these can easily be reversed within 24-48 hours by inserting enzyme product like Hyaluronidase that allows rapid metabolism of filler. Permanent synthetic fillers like silicon are irremovable. They look great in the beginning but as the shape of face changes with age, they start looking bad.

What Benefits of Dermal Fillers as compared with Botox?

The key giveaway as you get old is deflation – your skin gets gaunt, sagging look, and sallow when face fat is reduced. Both of these treatments target same aging signs, but they function in a different manner. Botox is muscle relaxant which reduces expression lines by paralyzing muscle movement. It is chiefly applied on upper face and forehead.

Conversely, dermal fillers insert volume to face by deeply injecting a solution into the skin’s dermal layers. These are mainly used for reducing static lines in cheek and mouth areas. These can also be infused on bone’s top, the tip of nose and cartilage for giving a youthful boost. With the passage of time, expression lines would become static and thus, dermal fillers and muscle relaxant are frequently combined for achieving maximum results.

What are the risks?

In Australia, dermal fillers available in the marketplace are comprehensively researched and TGA approved. Therefore, the risks associated with injection, ending up or asymmetry are least if the competent injector is selected. Injector must be able to inform the client about all the related things. Most ordinary risks are swelling and bruising. However, it generally lasts for few days.

Swelling and bruising can be minimized by restraining from alcohol 2-3 days after injection, avoid smoking for 4 hours after the lip injections, do not consume fish oil for few days, avoid exercise on the day of the procedure, and evade anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and aspirin.

What do you need to do before ordering?

1. Only the registered nurses and doctors could inject dermal fillers. Therefore, you must be aware of the unskilled therapists who purchase syringes and fillers and might not utilize standard products. You must ask injector about the number of procedures which he/she performed last year. If that number is not in hundreds, then simply leave the clinic.

2. Make sure you are comfortable with the injector. You must also have the second option.

3. Your face must be free from any makeup or skin care product so that the injector could analyze you in natural condition. In this way, injector could work best.

4. Most of the times, you acquire what you pay for therefore avoid buying the cheap deals. You must prefer the best service rather than most reasonable deal.


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