Carbohydrates tend to be one of the most mindboggling nutrients, and one has to be extremely careful about the quantity that one adds to one diet. Certain weight loss diets dictate us to pile up our plates with healthy carbs, while others tell us to cut off the carbs completely. So, how does one sort out this confusion and create a healthy carb balance in one’s diet to shed off those awful pounds.

Several dietitians dictate us to reduce our carbs, while some recommend them down entirely. Then, there are certain diets that worsen the mixed messaging by asking us to pile up our plates with heaps of carbs. And matters are made further worse by diet plans that tell us that we mustn’t really eat carbohydrates, but only foods that are rich in carbohydrates, what does that even mean?

Research reveals that amongst certain people, cutting down all carbohydrates has proven highly effective in losing weight. However, it was only a matter of time before they got tired of eating broccoli, strawberries, and spinach in their attempts to cut down carbs. But the truth is, spinach, strawberries and broccoli are all rich in carbohydrates.

Dietitians reveal that they always deal with clients who are worried about their carb intake, and find it hard to pick out the right carbs for their daily diet. The issue is, there isn’t one or two carb-containing foods that you must stop eating, but rather, in order to be mindful about your carb-intake, you must understand the hierarchy of carbohydrates and understand which foods are healthy and which aren’t. All carbs cannot be treated equally, after all, the body gets most of its energy from carbs and if you cut them down entirely, you end up doing more harm than good.

Let’s take a look at this hierarchy ad determine which carb-containing foods are to be avoided or eaten less.

Carb-containing foods at the top of the carbohydrate pyramid are much more beneficial than the carb rich foods on the bottom. They tend to fill you up and satiate your hunger, as opposed to the carbs at the bottom of the hierarchy that have a denser amount of both, calories and carbs. Naturally, such foods also have a weaker nutrient profile with more calories and lesser nutrients.


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