Whenever I talk about cucumber, I started to feel healthy. It’s not about stereotyping something but it’s about immense health benefits of this super veggie. There are very few vegetables which are as cool as cucumber is. Enriched with multi vitamins, minerals an excessive hydrating properties that not only helps to hydrate your body but even your outer skin.

Cucumbers are used as eating raw, in pickles, a kind of essential ingredient in salads. This low fat vegetable gives you healthier life with a lot of nutrients. Cucumbers regulates blood pressure, reduces body fat, prevents cancer, hydrates the body and suppress hunger and bad carb cravings plus it is very healthy for bone health.

How to make Cucumber Cups

Despite these health benefits; cucumbers are rich in skin friendly nutrients which make your skin younger, fresh, properly hydrated, acne and wrinkle free. Make cucumber a part of your daily life and let it do wonders for you.

Cucumbers are widely used in a lot of dishes but did you hear about cucumber cups? Too filled with spicy filling? No? Not a problem here I am to write this amazing side order recipe for friends greeting or family get-togethers. Have a look:


  • Cucumbers: 3 (Long and evenly round)
  • Sour Cream: ¼ cup
  • Cream cheese: ½ cup (softened)
  • Beef Mince: ¾ cup
  • Hot pepper sauce: 1 tsp.
  • Mustard sauce: 1 tsp.
  • Green onion 1 tbsp. (minced)
  • Salt n pepper for taste


Peel the cucumbers with the help of vegetable peeler and cut each one of it into 3 inch big slices. Now take a small water-melon baller and scoop out all the inside of cucumber slices leaving a wall around and a thick bottom. And set aside.

Now take a large bowl and mix sour cream and cream cheese with egg whisker or with the fork to form them in smooth paste. Add all the sauces including hot pepper and mustard and mix well.

Now cook the mince until properly cooked add salt and pepper and drain all the excessive water.

Add mince, green onion into the cream cheese and sauce mixture and mix accordingly.

With the help of spoon add this mixture in each of cucumber cup and sprinkle paprika powder. And serve as a side dish or snack.

Trust me your guests will love the presentation even before tasting.



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