4. Banana

Banana can work wonders at regulating your high blood pressure if you add it to your daily diet. It is packed with potassium, and it can reduce the effects of sodium in your diet.

It is essential to eat at least two bananas a day, and if you pair them with orange juice, raisins, zucchini, dried apricots, currants or spinach, you’d be doing yourself a great favour. Even healthier is to pair up two bananas with cantaloupes, winter squash or baked sweet potatoes.

4. Garlic

Garlics are a remarkable remedy to control your blood pressure levels and keep them regulated. And the best part is, garlic also works wonders at keep your cholesterol levels under control. It makes your blood vessels relaxed and widens them up, by triggering the development of hydrogen sulphide and nitric oxide. It also helps ease out gas troubles, indigestion or heart burns, along with reducing the pressure on your heart.

It is ideal to consume at least two, nicely crushed cloves of garlic every day, because when you crush the garlic, it releases hydrogen sulphide, which relaxes your blood vessels and allows the blood to flow healthily. You don’t have to force yourself to eat raw garlic, it tastes awful, so pair it up with milk, or better yet, add it to your sauces and daily meals to enjoy its tasty spicy tinge. Or you can add six drops of garlic juice to a 5 tsps. of water, and be sure to take it at least two times every day.

Remember, you are what you eat, so pick out each ingredient that goes into your belly with great care. Starving yourself or going on rigid diets for long periods of time also damages the health and vitality of your body. If you really want to curb your hypertension, and all the problems that plague your body because your unregulated blood pressure levels, be sure to consult a health & wellness expert or a nutritionist for a proper plan. A healthy and wholesome lifestyle is an undeniable essentiality if you wish to lead a healthy and fit life.


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