2. Watermelon Seeds

The seeds of watermelon are rich in cucurbocitrin, a compound that widens your blood capillaries, and lowers your blood pressure levels dramatically. It also helps with the agonizing pains of arthritis, along with improving the functioning of your kidneys.

You can consume watermelon seeds in lots of different ways, for instance, you can combine watermelon seeds with some poppy seeds, and throw this mixture in the grinder.

Store it in a mason jar, and take 1tsp. early in the morning with an empty stomach, and later again, one tsp. in the evening. Or you can heat a cup of water, and add two tsps. of dried watermelon seeds as it comes to a boil. Now, let the mixture steep for at least an hour, before you strain it and sip it while it’s hot. You can even boil this brew in the morning, and take four tbsp. every now and then, throughout the day.

3. Celery

Celery is rich with phytochemical 3-N-butylphthalide that works wonders at regulating high blood pressure by aiding your muscles, which are around and inside your arterial walls, relax and widen up. This allows the blood to flow normally and easily, and it also brings about a marked reduction in the production of stress hormones that cause your blood vessels to contract and raise your blood pressure levels.

It’s best to eat a raw and fresh stalk of celery with a glass or orange juice or water. Celery is the healthiest snack, and you can enjoy it all day long. It is a great salad ingredient too.


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