High blood pressure is a very common medical ailment and a largely prevalent lifestyle illness. Research reveals that every fifth person we come across is struggling with hypertension. And if you want to prevent this agonizing disease, or begin treating it, it is essential to make healthy and wholesome lifestyle and eating choices. Along with obtaining a proper medical treatment, you need to adopt certain behaviours that are healthy and will help you curb your out of control blood pressure levels.

Allopathic medications have given us all an excuse to avoid natural cures and organic treatments, and the worst part is that these synthetic medicines have countless side effects when used for long periods of time. If you want to improve your quality of life, you need to keep your options open and keep turning to nature to replenish and rejuvenate your body. It is also important to observe what you are consuming and how it is processed by your body.

High blood pressure is mostly caused by huge salt intakes, stress, pain killers, genetic aspects, a bad drinking habit, birth control pills, obesity, not exercising enough, adrenal illness, and kidney issues. Most patients tend to experience a low blood pressure during the summer and it gets higher in the winters. And this happens when the temperature in your environment narrows your blood vessels, and causes an increase or decrease in the blood pressure with which blood flows within your arteries and veins.

If you’re suffering from hypertension, or beginning to experience the early signs, you need to start paying attention to your body and work on regulating your blood pressure levels. Natural remedies always work wonders at regulating and reducing blood pressure, but it is always ideal to consult your doctor before you administer any natural or allopathic remedy.

Here are 5 foods that work wonders at regulating blood pressure and keeping it under control!

1. Lemon

For centuries, lemon has been hailed as the most effective traditional remedy to curb hypertension and lower down blood pressure. It is a mild diuretic that is rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant that rids your body of all radical agents. It softens up your blood vessels, relaxes them and makes them flexible. Furthermore, it also helps lose weight as it lowers down the triglyceride levels that damages your liver, messes up your blood pressure levels and cause obesity. What’s even better is that lemon juice reduces cholesterol levels and keeps your heart healthy.


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