This pizza is perfect for those with diabetes and is topped with all your favorite ingredients, making it a new family favorite. Indulge in a crispy and cheesy pizza with fewer carbs that you can relish in just 15 minutes!

Are you experiencing those late-night pizza cravings but don’t want to give in after a day of kicking carbs for your low carb or diabetes diet? You’re not alone! Loading up on carbs at night isn’t ideal for anyone on a low carb diet. Fortunately, I have a solution for you: a low carb pizza!

You can whip up this pizza in no time, using ingredients that are likely already stocked in your kitchen. Bring back the joy of pizza night by letting everyone pick their preferred toppings.

I have modified this pizza recipe by utilizing my own low carb approach and incorporating variations ranging from classic cheese to pepperoni and olives – the possibilities are endless! However, be mindful not to overload your pizza with high-moisture vegetables without pre-cooking or sautéing them. This technique will ensure that the crust stays crispy, which is what we all adore.

Why This Pizza Recipe Works?

  • This pizza recipe calls for uncomplicated ingredients that are likely already available in your kitchen.
  • Achieve the ideal outcome by utilizing a heavy iron skillet.
  • Opt for low carb tortillas to make it diabetes-friendly and select a tortilla size that fits the skillet.
  • Choose your preferred cheese, such as low-fat or mozzarella.
  • Simple toppings work well in preventing the tortilla from becoming soggy.

The Main Ingredients:

Tortillas: To maintain a low carb count, select your preferred low carb tortilla. If cooking for your family or friends, feel free to opt for regular tortillas if preferred.

Pizza Sauce: I utilized a lower carb marinara sauce since it was readily available, but adjust the quantity based on your preference.

Cheese: To achieve an authentic pizza flavor, I recommend using asiago cheese.

Other Toppings: Consider adding other toppings, such as pepperoni, olives, and herbs. Limit the use of high-moisture vegetables to ensure that the tortilla remains crispy.

How to Make this Recipe:

Step 1: Warm up some olive oil in a skillet of medium size that is oven-proof.

Step 2: Place the tortilla in the skillet and cook until it turns golden brown, then flip it over.

Step 3 to 5: Add Toppings

Step 6: Bake

Expert Tips:

  1. Select an oven-proof skillet that is sufficiently large to accommodate the chosen tortilla.
  2. Allow the tortilla to turn crispy and evenly browned in the skillet before flipping it over.
  3. To retain the tortilla’s crispiness, use a minimal amount of pizza sauce.
  4. Consider opting for turkey pepperoni or turkey sausage to decrease the fat content if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you eat pizza if you have diabetes?

Incorporating pizza into a diabetes diet is possible with some essential considerations. Opting for thin crust aids in reducing carb intake, while adding more vegetables and substituting low-fat cheese instead of higher-fat meats and extra cheese is recommended. It is important to monitor portion sizes carefully and complement the pizza with a side salad to promote satiety and increase vegetable intake.

Can diabetics eat pizza sauce?

Pizza sauce can differ significantly in carb quantities. When creating your pizza at home, consider selecting a low-carb pizza sauce to regulate carb intake. If desired, you may even want to experiment with a low-carb alfredo sauce to top your pizza.

Cheesy Crispy Diabetic Pizza Recipe

This lower-carb, crispy, and cheesy pizza is ready to savor in under 15 minutes! Featuring all your favorite toppings, this diabetic-friendly pizza is sure to become a household favorite.


▢ 1 teaspoon olive oil
▢ 1 tortilla low carb
▢ 3 tablespoon pizza sauce
▢ ⅓ cup cheese
▢ 5 each pepperoni


1. Begin by preheating the oven broiler.

2. Next, heat olive oil in an oven-proof, heavy iron skillet.

3. Place your preferred tortilla into the skillet and cook for 2-3 minutes or until crispy and golden brown.

4. Flip the tortilla over and add sauce and toppings as desired. If desired, sprinkle crumbled oregano over the pizza.

5. Place the skillet in the oven for approximately 2-3 minutes until the cheese melts, and the tortilla edges turn golden brown. Be cautious and keep a close eye on the pizza to avoid overcooking.

6. Once finished, slide the pizza out onto a serving pan and slice as desired.


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