Everyone loves to remain fresh all the time and to get up fresh as well as relaxed in the morning. This is not possible for every individual and many people have complained that they face different issues in the morning. These issues include morning stiffness, stretched muscles, swollen eyes as well as swollen hands or fingers.

The issue of swollen is considered to be most common in human beings. There are different sort of other issues associated with swollen fingers. A person having this issues cannot complete the house chores, morning works like making breakfast, offering prayer, taking bath etc. a person becomes unable to move his/her hands and their life can become hell.

The density of swollen fingers vary from person to person. In some individuals it is very severe and prolonged while for others it remain for few minutes. It is very important to treat this issue as early as possible otherwise it can become dangerous.

Before treatment, it is very important to understand the reasons or causes behind this severe issue. Some of the identified issues and treatments of swollen fingers are as under:-

Causes and Cures of Swollen Fingers and Hands

1. Consuming too much salt

Taste of every person differs for different reasons. Some people consume too much salt while others eat less salt. The consumption of salt in high quantity is not good. This can be the major reason for swollen fingers in the morning. A person should lessen the quantity of salt in the food for preventing the morning swollen fingers.

2. Overusing the hands

People have to different types of jobs and chores. Some people need to work on the pc, some have to work as a labor and have to use hands on continuous basis. This kind of work can cause swelling in the hands and fingers. A person should minimize the use of hands in work or should focus on changing the posture or work arrangement. If this reason is not treated in time then severe issues can be faced.

3. Injuries or infections

One of the biggest reason behind swelling of fingers is injury or infection on the hand. Injuries refers to the wounds, cuts as well as rashes which can be caused due to several reasons. If there is any sort of injury or infection on the hand or on arm then the fingers can swell. This cause or reason can be solved with the help of bandage or antiseptic creams or medicines.

4. Sleeping incorrectly

Some of the people observe swelling in only one hand or imbalanced swelling in hands. This can be due to wrong posture of sleeping. Some people keep hands or arms under their neck while sleeping, this can cause blocking in the blood circulation which can lead towards fingers swelling.

5. Inappropriate food

When a person eats inappropriate food then malnutrition can happen. When the required vitamins as well as nutrients are not provided to the human body then blood deficiency as well as other deficiencies can happen. Due to such kind of deficiencies, hand fingers can swell in the morning.

6. Chronic illness or diseases

There are some kind of chronic diseases which can cause the fingers to swell. One of the most dangerous disease is considered to be lupus. In such kind of illness, different fluids gets accumulated in the joints of the fingers and make them unable to move. Due to this restriction in the movement, hand fingers may swell. If you observe this symptom i.e. accumulated fluid in the fingers then you should consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Swollen Finger Causes and Treatment

The above are symptoms as well as treatments for different causes for finger swelling. These should be recognized and then treated in time.



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