We all need a memory booster to sharpen our brains every now and then, but we all know that we’re simply not getting this boost from downloading an app on our smartphones. Whether we’re old, young or elderly, forgetfulness is a habit that we all tend to find ourselves indulging in more and more.

It could happen to anyone. We fix ourselves a bowl of cereal and then up leaving it on the counter as they shift through our million other morning chores and make our way to work. At times, we forget important deadlines, family gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries and other precious moments that join us with our loved ones. Now, this can be a serious problem if people tend to heavily rely on you to be informed about all such important dates and deadlines.

We could all use an effective brain training to boost our memories and help us eliminate all traces of forgetfulness. But unluckily, those who are seeking this memory boost from the increasingly popular brain training programs and applications, such as Jungle Memory, CogMed, Lumosity, and CogniFit amongst others, are far from getting the help they feel they need. You see, these applications are nothing but horrid gimmicks to rob you off your money and waste your time.

Brain Training Apps
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Even though Michael Scanlon, the co-founder of Lumosity, started this brain training app with good intentions and as a service to human kind. This company was founded back in 2005, alongside his partners David Drescher and Kunal Sarkar, after Scanlon decided to abandon his neuroscience degree in Ph.D. at the Stanford University. Together, these neuroscience geniuses put their expertise and knowledge into developing an organisation that has reached out to over 35 million individuals across the globe. And only last year around the same month, their brain training mobile application was being downloaded around 50,000 times in one day. Isn’t that insane?

According to the fallacious commercials that market this application, Lumosity takes into account the science of neuroplasticity, and the website content explains that this application is capable of boosting memory and enhancing attention with the help of a simple and effortless training program that is personalised for each user. The app basically includes more than 40 different games that are designed to increase mental flexibility and processing speed, along with boosting memory and enhancing attention spans to help the users sharpen their problem-solving capabilities.


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