Amnesia (memory loss) is a process of inability to store and to remember any kind of information. It is an abnormal lapse of memory. One is not being able to recall present or past events or memories. This loss or memory may be just for a short interval of time, or permanent. But it depends on the reasons. It may be cause due to several reasons such as: Brain tumour, Cancer treatment, Brain infections, hydrocephalus etc. in normal age, one may forget different things but it is something not to worry about.

Most of the people in older age get scared of memory loss. They think it is due to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Aged related memory loss is might be inescapable. This does not mean one cannot find the solution of this problem. The good news is, nothing is impossible in this era. Just close your eyes, if the forgetfulness strikes you next time.

Tricks to Improve Memory
Credit: MedMD

British researchers had done an experiment. They asked people to watch a short movie. After that they asked them a series of question to recall their memory. They directed few people to close their eyes. People who were directed to close their eyes tend to remember more as compared to the group of people whose eyes were not closes during question answer session. People with closed eyes answered 23% correctly. In journal “legal and criminological Psychology” the result was published. The findings suggested that if we cut out the surrounding environment and interference than it would be more helpful to focus intensely and to remember piece of information.

Memory Loss Solution

A PHD lecturer of Aston University psychology says that when you close your eyes it lowers your brain’s cognitive load. It helps you to create an imaginary picture of what you are trying to recall. It also keeps you away from your surrounding interference. So, it helps you to remember quickly. But still, unexpectedly, it is noted that if you are upset, anxious or stressed, it can distract your concentration. It makes difficult for you to remember even if your eyes are closed.


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