6. Your Friends & Family Seem Concerned

When the people closest to you, especially your friends, family members and co-workers, are becoming excessively vocal about their concerns regarding your drinking habit, it’s about time you pay heed to their advices and cut back your consumption.

You see, the very first step is to accept the fact that you are drinking much more than the healthy amount of alcohol consumption, and then, you must proceed towards mapping out your goals of cutting back on alcohol.

You can obtain the help of your partner or a close friend to help you set a drinking limit, especially at events where there is an open bar and drinks are flowing everywhere. This will provide you the support you need to say no to another drink, because being held accountable by another person helps us stay motivated and focused on our goals.

Also, if you’re always fearful of asking your friends and other people whether you’re drinking excessively, you need to take it as a direct indication that you are drinking more than you should.


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