4. You Experience Temporary Memory Loss

Everyone experiences completely different effects after consuming alcohol, and these effects are influenced by several other factors, such as our genes, whether we consumed a huge meal since food causes the alcohol to get slowly absorbed within the bloodstream, and whatever medications we are taking while consuming alcohol.

Researchers believe that excessive consumption of alcohol interferes with our ability to remember as it disrupts the functioning of glutamate, an essential brain messenger that regulates our memory.

So basically, when we tend to black out or forget certain parts of the night while drinking, only to be reminded by our friends of events we had no idea occurred, it the alcohol rendering your brain incapable of remembering. It even causes fogginess and disorientation in the morning.

You Experience Temporary Memory Loss
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5. You Let Go of Certain Responsibilities

Have you lately developed the nasty habit of letting go of your responsibilities, and letting some important chores slide away? When you start neglecting essential and important responsibilities just for the sake of having a couple drinks, you need to realize that your supposedly harmless indulgence with drinking has turned into a full-blown problem.

For instance, if you’re a dedicated and responsible parent but you can’t seem to remember to pick up your kids from their friend’s place just to have some more drinks on a Saturday night. Or perhaps, you had too many drinks during lunch break and forget to get your kids from school.

Sometimes, it can be the urge to drink, and other times, it can be the physical disturbances we feel during a hangover. But whenever drinking begins to take precedence over all our priorities, routinely chores and responsibility, you need to realize that alcohol is creating some serious problems in your life.


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