2. Binge Drinking Every Weekend

Being a tough weekend warrior is just as worse as being a regular drinker. Most people believe that drinking over the weekend is a much healthier alternative than drinking each day, however, researchers believe that weekend warriors have the most to lose.

Research reveals that consuming nearly seven alcoholic beverages each week cuts down your risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, however, consuming over six servings of alcohol in one sitting after an entire week of abstinence can wreck some serious havoc to your health.

Moreover, binge drinking over the weekend can cause severe increase in your blood pressure levels, along with interfering with the effects of certain medications. Also, researchers believe that women have a much greater risk of developing acute alcohol poisoning, which can even cause death, and all it would take is six or seven drinks for a woman who weighs 115 pounds with a 5’3 height. Naturally, for a larger individual, it would take twice the amount to cause this kind of poisoning.

Binge Drinking Every Weekend
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3. You Never Seem to Know your Drinking Limits

Do you feel that alcohol just creeps up onto you and you can’t seem to control your consumption once you get started? When dealing with a bad drinking habit, everyone makes efforts to limit their drinks to a mere one or two for celebrating happy occasions, however, some people just can’t seem to create any limits, and before they know, they’re chugging down their fourth drink, already ordering the fifth.

Not understanding your drinking limits is one of the greatest indications that you are a heavy drinking, who often tends to feel surprised upon realising how many drinks have actually been consumed. Much like chronic physical ailments such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, drinking problems also develop gradually over the passage of time.

Therefore, keeping a strict check and balance is the best way to retrospect over your drinking habits. If you start writing down the exact number of drinks you had, along with the time and location, you can regain control over your drinking habit, and steer yourself away from alcohol whenever needed.


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