Do you never seem to be able to say no to a second of third cocktail while the party is roaring, not to mention the tall glass of wine that you always insist on having with your dinner? Does that make you a heavy drinker?

Researchers are constantly stressing on the need to cut back on alcohol for an alarmingly high number of Americans are binge drinking, causing severe harm to their mental, physical and social health. A recent report revealed that around one-third of the American adults have suffered with an Alcohol Abuse Disorder at some point in their lives, of which only 20% consult a doctor for a treatment.

Experts believe that the intensity of binge drinking is alarmingly increasing, and more and more people are turning towards the temporary escape provided by alcohol, only to find themselves caught in a loop that changes their life for the worst. Researchers have highlighted a 5% increase in heavy drinking over the past 10 years, which means there are over a million people who have a habit of chugging down 8 to 10 drinks in one sitting.

6 Sneaky Signs You Drink Too Much

It’s always easy to stereotype, but heavy drinkers don’t always turn out to be as we think. According to research, over 38 million adults have a habit of binge drinking on an average of four times each month, and while those who fall between the ages of 18-34 have a high tendency to indulge in binge drinking as opposed to other age groups, it actually the individuals above the age of 65 who tend to indulge in binge drinking the most.

Now, having one drink or even two once in a while isn’t that unhealthy, but if you are regularly consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, you can cause serious harm to yourself. Statistics reveal that excessive alcohol consumption causes nearly 80,000 deaths in America each year, along with being the third greatest cause of preventable deaths.

As we get older and cross the age of 65, our brain tends to become much more sensitive to the sedative effects of alcohol, which makes it much more dangerous for those who already have difficulty navigating their basic steps and making their way on slippery pavements.

It’s ideal to create your very own alcohol agenda and set your limits to stop you from overindulging in alcohol. Experts believe that woman should not have more than four drinks in a short amount of time, while men shouldn’t have more than five.

You may be a binge drinker but you don’t necessarily have to be an alcoholic, for these aren’t the only two extremes of drinking, many of us tend to rank somewhere in the middle of the heavy drinking spectrum. We’ve picked out all the sings that you need to understand where you stand and whether you’re drinking habits need to be curbed.

Here, take a look:

1. Drinking Turns you into an Extrovert

Most people who are normally considered as shy and reserved tend to become such bold daredevils after chugging down a couple drinks. You see, drinking tends to lower our inhibitions, making us bolder and more forthcoming. When we get excessively drunk, there are many repercussions than stretch far beyond the occasional embarrassments or awkwardness, but worse, we end up making some risky and harmful decisions.

Drinking too much, even for a single sitting, can bring about a dramatically harmful change in your life, distorting your life forever. According to statistics, alcohol has been ruled out as a common factor for nearly 60% fatal burn injuries and drownings, 50% sexual assaults and 40% car accidents and falls resulting in death.

Drinking Turns you into an Extrovert
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