17. Onions

Onions are also high in carbs, but similar to garlic, they are also not consumed in larger quantities due to their pungent smell and robust flavor. 6g carbs, of which 1g can be fiber is offered by half a cup of sliced raw onions.

Antioxidant quercetin, present in onions, helps in lowering blood pressure. Studies indicate that eating red onions reduce LDL cholesterol levels in obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

18. Eggplant

It is common in dishes of Asia and Italy and one cup (99 grams) of cooked and chopped eggplant provides 8g carbs, of which 1 gram can be fiber.

Despite being low in quantities of minerals and vitamins, egg plants may help in lowering cholesterol levels and improving heart health.

Antioxidant nasunin present in eggplant can help in protection of brain health and reduction of free radicals.


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