15. Celery

Another extremely low-carb vegetable is celery where one cup serving of chopped celery has 3g carbs, 1g of which is fiber. Rich amount of vitamin K is also provided by it.

It also helps in preventing and treating cancer because it contains an antioxidant, called luteolin that has potential against cancer.

16. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are chiefly used in most of our daily diets and are also considered as fruits but are vegetables with a lot of health benefits. They are also a low-carb diet, where a cup serving (149g) of cherry tomatoes provide 6g carbs, of which 2g can be fiber. They also have rich quantities of vitamin A, C and K. Potassium in tomatoes help in reduction of blood pressure and in decreasing stroke risk.

Their high lycopene content helps against prostate cancer and this lycopene’s quantity is increased while cooking the tomatoes and addition of olive oil helps boosting its absorption also.

17. Radishes

These belong to Genus Brassica of vegetables and have a sharp, peppery taste. Carb-number is low and a cup serving (116g) of sliced raw radishes have only 4g carbs, 2 grams of which can be fiber.

They have high quantities of vitamin C as well, providing 29% RDI of it per serving. Radishes also help in modifying the way the body of postmenopausal woman metabolizes estrogen and so, decrease the risk of breast cancer.


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