It is the dream and desire of every human being to live a healthy life. For this purpose, it is very important to take healthy diet and food. Tea is one of the best sources to be healthy and fit all the time. Some of the teas which you should drink for healthy lifestyle and their advantages are discussed as under:

Types of Teas and their Health Benefits

1. White Tea

You can get the white tea from any merchandise store at reasonable prices. It is present in packs in processed form. This type of tea is considered to be full of healthy elements like antioxidants and energizing products. These properties present in this tea make it radical free which is very useful for the human beings. The other useful elements present in this tea are flavonoids which are very helpful in reducing the chances of cancer and similar kind of diseases. White tea also contains antibacterial elements and can protect human beings from many types of diseases.

White Tea

2. Green Tea

People take green tea on a regular basis and is considered to be very tasty as well as healthy. It is commonly used by people in Asian countries. There are different types of useful chemicals as well as antioxidants present in green tea and they can make the body stronger as well as healthy all the time. This tea doesn’t allow the growth of damaging cells inside the body of human beings. There is a special kind of element present in this tea which is known as EGCG. This kind of element is highly useful in making the brain cells strong. It increases the memory storing function of the brain and can be used to treat different types of diseases as well. You can use green tea for losing the body mass and weight. This is possible because of caffeine present in green tea which has a quality to decrease the body mass. It can burn the body mass and fats very easily.

Natural Teas for Healthy Living

3. Black Tea

Black tea is considered to be highly useful just like other teas. It is widely used around the world because it can keep the people fit and healthy all the time. There are different elements present in this tea including EGCG as well as caffeine. These elements can provide strength as well as energy to the person all the day. You should take a cup of black tea on a daily basis to remain fresh all the time. Black tea is highly useful for the people who are suffering from diabetes. It has also some useful qualities to control the blood pressure of human body and keep it normal. If you want to add strength and energy to your body then you should take black tea on a regular basis. It has no harm effects on the body but researchers have shown that it add freshness and energy to the body. Your body mass and weight remains normal if you drink one cup of black tea on a daily basis.

Black Tea

4. Chamomile Tea

This kind of tea is not commonly used by people all over the world because it is the unique and different type of tea. This can be extracted from herbs as well as plants and tastes differently. There are some anti-irritant as well as anti-inflammatory elements present in this tea which has countless positive impacts on the human body. If you consume this kind of tea regularly then you can remain protected from constipation, gastric annoyance, menstrual pain and different types of health issues.

Chamomile Tea

Teas are the best as well as a simplest source of remaining fit and healthy all the time. Teas are available and present in the market and can be bought easily.


    • Hello Olga! This is totally illogical and wrong perception. Green Tea with lemon gives lots of benefits to the people. According to the latest research by Purdue University, few drops of lemon juice boosts the health benefits of green tea, as citrus juice makes green tea’s antioxidants more readily available for your body. Feel free post here more replies if you have more questions about the topic. Thanks

    • This article included info-graphic that shows all the benefits and uses of asian teas. Kindly read it thoroughly

  1. Thank you for all this health information.
    I have just found out that I have a sports on my liver and kidney
    and your food intake information has been most helpful.


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