Banana is the only one and all-time favorite fruit for all human beings. Bananas are mostly liked by small kids of 6 months to 3 years of age. Banana is full of healthy nutrition as it contains protein 1 gram, Vitamin B6 0.5 mg, Iron 0.3 mg, Manganese 0.3 mg, Vitamin A 81 IU, Vitamin C 9mg, Niacin .8mg, Potassium 450mg, Riboflavin .1mg, Dietary Fiber 3g, Folate 25.0mcg and magnesium 34mg.

Bananas are neatly packed as wrapper sheet which looks good. You can use banana in fruit salads, desserts as well as you can mash them for adding in bread and muffin recipes. Even frozen bananas are used for smoothies and shakes plus used in ice creams and flavored yogurts. There are numerous health benefits of bananas which mostly people are not aware of.

Health Benefits of Bananas

Here are some health benefits of bananas which can keep you fit and healthy.

1. Bananas help in keeping your bones healthier

Eating more and more bananas can boost your body’s ability as to absorb the calcium. Moreover, green bananas includes indigestible (SCFAs) short chain fatty acids which helps to provide nutrition to your intestine cells. These help your cells become healthy and well-nourished as body capability is to absorb the calcium which is much efficient.

2. Potassium

Bananas have high content of potassium which assists in providing health benefits to muscles and nerve systems. Potassium is perfect for muscles and nervous system plus maintains your health balance of the fluids which are found in your body. Potassium in bananas can assist in preventing cramps of muscles after exercise.

3. Bananas help prevent high blood pressure

Bananas are enormously high in the potassium and low in the sodium 1 mg. So that’s why bananas are perfect to prevent anybody from disease of high blood pressure. Those having high blood pressure must eat 3 to 4 bananas daily.

4. Bananas can help you stop smoking

Eating bananas regularly can help in quieting smoking. The banana’s nutrients like Vitamin B12 and B6, magnesium and potassium help in recovering your body from withdrawal of nicotine effects.

5. Bananas helps in relieving stress

Potassium is much high in bananas which all the time assists in normalizing your heartbeat as well as regulate water balance in your body. Those who take high stress, eating 2-3 bananas will help in reducing stress because of high level of potassium. So eating many bananas is a healthier way to rebalance stress without using diverse drugs.

6. Bananas can help control body temperature

Mostly people of diverse culture can see the bananas fruits as cooling fruits. Bananas can lower emotional and physical temperature of those mothers who are expecting. A research is conducted in Thailand in which those women who are pregnant eat bananas regularly as to ensure their babies inside womb gets cool temperature.

7. Bananas help reduce the risk of kidney cancer

Different studies found that regularly consuming vegetables and fruits especially cabbage and bananas may help in reducing the risk of cancer in your kidney. Because in bananas plus numerous of root vegetables there is high quantity of antioxidants.

8. Bananas helps in preventing ulcers and gastritis

Bananas in ripe form are considered as one of the most and effective natural home therapy for peptic ulcers and gastritis. Bananas also help in reducing irritation and acidity in stomach. It also includes protease inhibitors which have been identified as primary reason of ulcers.

Banana Benefits and Side Effects Infographic

These health benefits of bananas are vital for small kids as well as individuals of all ages.



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