Arthritis is a condition in which bones begin to lose their calcium and other essential elements causing inflammation of the joints in the maneuver. It is affecting over 30% of all the adults. The pain and inflammation is the result of the breakdown of the ligament and cartilage tissues around the joints and the dried up liquid, synovial fluid – responsible for smooth motion, in between the joints. In such states the chances of bone fracture increase that’s why the fracture cases of old age people come to know more.

To reduce the affects, many supplements are available which relief pretty well.

Alternatives and Supplements for Arthritis Joint Pain

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Research shows that unsaturated Omeg-3 fatty acids are very effective for arthritis. A person needs to take twice or thrice the dose of it per week via food or in supplement form because our body can’t synthesis the oils & fats at its own. High amounts of Omega-3 are found oily fish species e.g., Sardines, Pilchards, Salmon and Mackerel. Walnuts, Flaxseed oil, and Rapeseed oil are among the source too.

Arthritis Joint Pain Medication


Calcium is the most important in terms of supplements. As the body grows, the ability of the bones to absorb the calcium declines leading to the weakening of the bones and muscles supporting them. Finding a calcium supplement from a drug store is not hard these days. Besides many natural diets like milk, cheese, & yogurt is full of it. Green vegetables, legumes, seafood and oranges in fruit have abundant calcium in them.


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