The urine of human being has been a helpful diagnosis tool since initial days of the medicine. Even smell, density and color of urine can divulge more about state of your overall health. Hence for all those people I am sharing some important thing about liquid excreta which exist on your urine.

The color of urine exists in your body which exists an indicators that receive enough water. Even when any folk is dehydrated, the output of urine start decreasing and the color becomes much darker as ever before. Certain food or disease can alter the urine or its color completely.

Urine may have a variety of colors that ranges from honey or deep amber to raw light colors. Here is the complete detail of anyone’s urine.

Strange Urine Colors and their Meaning

1. Normal Urine

Usually normal urine ranges from transparent color to yellow pale color. This yellow color derives from a core substance which is called bilirubin that comes from the red blood cells. When anyone of you is well hydrated as well as bilirubin is diluted in your body that gives urine of yellow transparent color which is pale as well.

2. Green or Blue Urine

Green or blue urine which is unusual and its reason is usually medicine like propofol, indomethacin and amitriptyline. An unusual medical condition which is named as familial benign hypercalcemia and is well known as the “syndrome blue diaper” that is mostly found in children and their urine color is blue. An infection that is found in the tract of urinary along with the pseudomonas bacteria that causes the urine becomes green.

3. Yellow Dark Urine

Urine becomes dark yellow in color when anyone of you drinks less water in whole day which compensate from sweating or other processes of your body. Your body starts to diminish output of urines to the conserve water. This will become much concentrated as darker color of yellow because it is less dilute in water.

4. Red or Pink Urine

The urine having red or pink color can be of many reasons which include consuming rhubarb or beets, medication including rifampicin as well as other medical condition that causes blood in your urine. The blood which is found in urine is an important symptom that mostly people ignored and this disease will not sought out early.

5. Honey and Amber Colored Urine

The amber color of urine signifies dehydration but probably in most of cases it will be long lasting and can cause severe damage. It can be resolved with the proper hydration at your home. The urine color turns in amber color that substitute the water along with artificial colors such as sodas and fruit juices that turns your urine color much darker as ever before even with adequate quantity of the fluid intake.

6. Brown Urine

The urine color becomes syrup like beer or brown along with stern dehydration and your output of urine is decreased as your body attempt water to keep in. Prolonged water lacks causes hypovolemia as there is decreased amount of the circulation of blood in your body. It causes tissues deprived of the oxygen that leads to damage. Even the urine of brown color causes damage to your liver or kidney.

7. Orange Urine

When your urine color is bright yellow or orange then it may be a surplus of vitamin B. It could be caused because of liver disease, even anyone of you have yellow skin, pale stools as well as your white eyes that turns in to yellow colors. It is all done because of blockages in your bile ducts that can cause bilirubon which circulates your blood resulting in orange color.

Urine Color Chart – The Color of Pee

Urine Color Chart
Credit: MedMD


  1. hello, i drink all in all five mugs of tea ,glass of milk,few glasses of water(pure),my urine is transparent to light yellowish and lately i was riddled with low blood pressure not so bad now after few reduction of medicine,just after my angioplasty,anyway i was told to drink more liquid to hydrate ,feeling in balance and the pressure more leveled ,is any liquid better for dehydration?


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