Scientists developed a new system with the help of the latest technology to keep an eye on your depression. Isn’t this amazing that whenever you talk, Artificial Intelligence can analyze your voice within seconds either you are depressed or not?

Some diseases are easy to detect with its symptoms, for example, chest pain points out heart problems but it is very difficult to detect depression. Depression is a common and very serious issue of today’s generation that leads to health complications.

Artificial Intelligence can tell whether you are depressed or not?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India ranked 6th most depressed country. It has estimated that 38 million people experiencing anxiety and 56 million people are suffering from different types of depression. For the early diagnose of depression, scientists along with the technology can detect depression by analyzing the tone of your voice.

Artificial Intelligence diagnose depression
Image: Creative Commons

In Canada, scientists from the University of Alberta have worked on technology so that depression can be easily detected by your voice tone. The study, based on past research by Professor Eleni Stroulia suggests that the tone of our voice can tell about our mood. To check depression, several Machine Learning algorithms are combined to get accurate results.

For this purpose, there is an application, which will collect different samples of your voice and will save your data. “This application will collect several samples according to your mood and later will use this data to recognize your mood and will indicate your depression state,” said Stroulia.
The main objective is to detect depression at its early stage and to prevent suicide cases. One of the major reasons for suicides is depression.

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