Time to Face the Hard Truth

The advocates of the baby food diet tend to advocate its countless benefits, and while we don’t deny them entirely, it’s still imperative to point out all the downsides of this diet on your health.

First of all, you’ll find it extremely hard to train your taste buds to not repulse at the sight of baby food, and after much practice, you will still find it barely tolerable. There are several brands that simply don’t season baby food at all, while a mature taste palate requires fats, sugar and salt. When these taste-building ingredients are removed from the diet, it hits the tongue as a huge shock.

Unlike babies, adults have a digestive system and teeth that can break down and digest chewable food, hence they need a real and wholesome diet that enriches their entire body adequately. Babies have an undeveloped digestive system that requires pureed food. However, adults have a fully developed digestive and immune system that feed on a nutrient-dense and wholesome diet.

In order to functional optimally, the human body requires a balanced diet that contains carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber. If you follow a grueling exercise regime, your body is all the more likely to drain all its energy and require essential nutrients to build up more energy.

However, if you don’t nourish your body with its daily nutritional requirements, it is highly likely to turn weak, brittle and unenergetic. Baby foods contain pureed veggies and fruits, and two meals of pureed food is certainly not sufficient to fulfill your required daily nutrient intake.

You may be tempted to use this “amazing” diet to shed some pounds for your wedding, a party or a special occasion, but keep in mind that you’ll gain back all that fat as quickly as you lost it once you resume your regular diet.


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