How did it become so popular?

Tracy Anderson, a popular celebrity trainer, is mostly crediting for the creation of this extremely unhealthy diet. However, research shows us that it’s been quite popular since the 1980s. Celebrities are probably the biggest reason behind its popularity. Some trainers who support this diet suggest the consumption of around 14 jars of baby food every day, accompanied by a regular dinner at night.

But there are several diet plans that advocate you to eat nothing but baby food throughout the day. Truth be told, the baby food diet isn’t really a medically approved diet, or even a proper diet regime at that, it’s just a myth and it doesn’t require you to abide by any given set of rules, which explains why it’s so famous.

Can you lose weight with the baby food diet?

It most certainly does, but not the results are not that dramatic that they can’t be achieved with any other diet. Therefore, doctors don’t advise giving the baby food diet too much credit because its success deprives your body of countless nutrients that are required for normal functioning.

The diet can be very hard to keep up since it requires you to eat plenty of baby food just to make up a normal calorie count for the day. If you miss your calorie goal, the pounds will roll off, but so will the strength and energy of your body.

Since the jars are very small, it can be very difficult to manage your portion sizes, and if you’re doing this diet just to maintain your weight, you’ll be shocked by the speed at which the pounds will start dropping.

Even though you get to choose from a wide variety of flavorful options, such as turkey, chicken, gravy and many more, most people really find it hard to stomach baby food.


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