Celebrities are the sole reason behind the popularity of this unhealthy diet, and even though several movie stars and celebs tend to swear by its effectiveness, there are countless reasons why baby food is unhealthy and dangerous for adults.

Every time a celebrity releases his/her “secret diet”, it causes a huge stir and a swift change in health opinions. And this month, Star and Girls writer, Lena Dunham, just uploaded her “Trump Diet” on Instagram.

Dunham, a staunch liberal, has been cracking jokes about how her appetite has been killed by the results of the November election. Her jovial tone has stirred waves on social media, along with reinstating the popularity of baby food, which happens to be one of the scariest and unhealthiest celebrity diet trends.

There are several celebrities who boost the effectiveness of baby food in helping them lose weight and tone up their figures. Famous Brazilian actress and co-founder of famous baby food company, Yummy Spoonfuls, Camila Alves touted baby food as the secret trick behind her toned abs and flat tummy. Camila mentioned that she took two meals of baby food accompanied with veggies, black beans and protein. She says that these tiny pouches of baby food took good care of all her nutritional requirements. Famous designer, Hedi Slimane, also credited his amazingly slim build to a diet of baby food.

Now that we see all these celebrities are turning to baby food and experiencing amazing weight loss results, it brings us to the following questions:

What is the baby food diet?

The diet is really easy, all you have to do is replace two of your regular meals with some jars of pouches of baby food. One jar of baby food provides the body around 20-90 calories. So, no matter how many jars of squeezable food you end up devouring, you’ll still be on a low-calorie diet!


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