If we talk about our heart, then we can find out numerous of foods which are not good for us but we do not stop eating them and the situation get worse. Every individual desires to have a safe and healthy heart otherwise they be will caught by cardiovascular disease, which is a very harmful disease.

In a recent research it is concluded that this disease will affect every third adult in the whole universe which is not a good thing. Individuals can easily get rid from this disease if they pay attention towards their food and try to consume those foods which will not affect them. In this way they can live a perfect and healthy lifestyle.

Try to avert the foods which are fried, oily, salty and high in cholesterol level. Here, in this article I am going to share 9 worst foods which are not good for your heart.

1. Bacon or Pork

Most of the individuals are meat lovers and they love to eat more pork and avoid beans or vegetables. Pork or bacon is quite high in cholesterol and fats which is harmful for your heart. If anyone of you wants a healthy heart, then they try to skip pork or bacon from daily diet.

2. Powdered Coffee Creams

These powdered creams are filled with fats which is not good for human heart. One of the worst disease that is caused because of fats is cardiovascular disease, which is very harmful for health.

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Powdered coffee creams are not good for those individuals who are already affected by heart disease. They have to skip this food from their daily diet because it contains hydrogenated oil.


  1. Since when does soda have fat in it? Please don’t spread misinformation. I am not saying your wrong about your list but please make it accurate.

  2. Hi.
    Low fat yogurts, diet sodas ect has artificial sweeteners and addictives that is much worse than sugar, hence the reason she said to stay away from them.
    If you must use yogurt then use plain yogurt as it’s healthier and safer than low fat or flavored yogurt.


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