7. Healthy food:

Per researchers, your diet has impact on your cancer risk. Food with high carotenoids including lycopene and beta carotene reduces the risk of breast cancer by 19 percent. Vegetables like broccoli having sulforaphane protects against breast cancer.

Eating fruits, vegetables, red meat and grain reduces the risk of breast cancer. Also one should stay away from alcohol to protect oneself from all types of cancer.

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8. Exercise:

One of the easiest ways, to protect you from breast cancer is exercise. It helps to control weight. It also helps to reduce the chances of having breast cancer.

Estrogen stimulates cells overgrowth and breast cancer. Ovaries produce estrogen before menopause but after menopause, the production of hormones from ovaries stops. Then it becomes fats. Increase in fats productions increases estrogen. One should walk for 1 and 30 hour or 2.5 hours to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

activity can reduce the risk of colon cancer because it
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9. Plans for survivor:

Healthy food, exercise, maintaining weight and regular screening tests are recommended for survivors to prevent recurrence.

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