5. Obsessed Much?

This should be no surprise, as the new baby is going to be the center of all your thoughts and attention.

New mothers feel this overwhelming need and drive to make sure everything is clean and safe for the baby. It may sound normal, but the hyper vigilance tends to keep them on an unhealthy edge.

Researchers refer to this as maternal motivation, but it’s important to stay grounded and at ease even if you’re a soccer mom.

Obsessive compulsive behavior after giving birth
Health Zone

6. Not the Only Headache

It’s not raising children that’s bound to give you headaches and wrinkles, just having one alone I enough of a reason for your body. It might a side effect of the brain shrinking in size, which is why it’s important for new mothers and mothers in general to not take more stress than they already have.

Dr Sherry Ross has a few tips for managing this phase; she exclaims that, ‘Eating a colorful and well-balanced diet keeps your blood sugar levels consistent. Drinking a lot of water, at least 10 to 12 8-oz glasses a day would also be a priority.”

Chronic headaches after pregnancy
Health Insider

So a nice, long nap and eating those healthy greens are a good step for every occasion.


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