3. Anxiety will be Knocking

Becoming a mother is a big step and with all the magical happy feelings that come with, you’re body will also be hit with waves of worry and anxiety.

Remember this is both due to physiological and psychological reasons, so don’t feel bad about letting the feeling out or discussing issues with your doctor or supportive people around you.

As a new mother try to avoid all stressful situations and take just as much care of yourself as the baby.

Felice Gersh, MD, and author of PCOS SOS: A Gynecologist’s Lifeline To Naturally Restore Your Rhythms, Hormones, and Happiness, insists that, “Many new moms experience significant anxiety over making the right decisions for the baby, worrying about if she can successfully breastfeed, and wondering how this new life will impact the relationship she has had with her husband.”

Can you get anxiety after having a baby

4. Hormones Will Make You Fall In Love

Nobody loves you more than your mother, and nothing is easier to love than your own kids. Interesting thing is that hormones play a huge role in the sudden surge of love and affection mothers feel for their babies.

It happens because of a wave of oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a hormone released by the hypothalamus, and it surges after childbirth and during breastfeeding, as to help the mother bond with the child. But of course the experience is different for everyone.

Chemical bond between mother and child
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Dr Atkinson explained that, “There can be several factors involved: how many other children are there, what the circumstances were around the pregnancy, whether or not it was a planned pregnancy, whether they are still together with the father, whether they have support around them, or whether they have the means to provide for their child.”


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