6. Truly Relax

When you’re all stressed up and tied into knots, the production of stress hormones and steroids doubles and triples inside your body, and it leads to problems like constipation and digestive issues. And the worst part is, stress increases the development of cortisol, a fight or flight hormone, which protects your organs by hoarding up the pounds in your midsection. So, in order to lose weight, you really need to allow yourself to unwind and get rid of the stress.

Take out 20-30 minutes from your hectic schedule, and engage in activities that genuinely relax and unwind your mind and body.

7. Make time for nature’s calls

Research reveals that majority of the women don’t even wish to discuss their bathroom schedules, but it is essential for everyone to set a specific time of visiting the loo every day.

We all have that habit of visiting the restroom when we simply can’t keep it in anymore, and that’s very wrong. At times, we even ignore the twisting and rumbling of our bellies and ignore our body’s protests to take a dump. That’s even worse.

It is important to train your brain to take a dump at a certain specific hour each day, and this little trick will not only help you lose weight, but also, it will help you avoid bloating and constipation.



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