3. A Brisk Walk

You must try to take out at least 30 minutes every day and take a nice, brisk walk in an open area that is close to nature, a park for instance or the jogging track. It will boost up your metabolism, and cause those nasty pounds to burn faster.

Working out and walking is important to keep your body energetic, and if you’re counting on a “wondrous abs machine” or a “special slimming tea”, we assure you that they are extremely poor choices that won’t help you at all. Research has proven that these fancy devices that target weight loss in your abs seldom fulfill their claims, and traditional exercises, like walking, swimming, crunches, squats and more, are always effective choices.

4. Stay Hydrated

Always keep your body nicely hydrated and filled up with water. You see, when your body is constantly dehydrated, it starts hoarding water within and that causes water weight to develop, which often hoards up 4 nasty pounds in your belly. So, try your best to develop a routine of consuming at least 8 tall glasses of water or other liquids, like juices, shakes, and green tea.

5. Steer Clear of Chewing Gum

When you’re chewing on a gum, you’re also swallowing a lot of air, and all that air is filling up your belly and midsection, stopping you from flaunting that sexy little black dress you have locked up in your wardrobe. If bad breathe is a serious problem, try sucking on some mint and it’ll go away.



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