5. Pear & Almond Butter

Pear is packed with fiber, while almond butter is brimming with healthy fats, and when consumed together, this deliciously crunchy and succulently juicy snack is perfect to satiate your hunger, put an end to unwanted sugary cravings and regulate your blood sugar levels.

If you want to shed some of those nasty pounds and enhance the flavor, just sprinkle some cinnamon before you bite into the crunchy goodness of pear and almond butter.

6. Chocolate Milk

Who doesn’t love a tall eight-ounce glass of hot and rich chocolate milk right before going to bed? Research reveals that dark chocolate milk, without the added sugars, is actually a nutrient-rich drink that will prevent your body from dehydrating, along with giving you a hefty dose of protein and calcium.

So, there’s no need to feel guilty while enjoying a drink you’ve been devouring since you were a little child.



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