3. Dark Chocolate

As long as you pick out dark chocolate, there’s no need for you to put an end to this indulgence, or even feel guilty about it for that matter.

Research reveals that dark chocolate happens to be the richest source of flavonoids, and its plant nutrients prevent the buildup of fats and lower down the appetite, along with lowering and regulating blood sugar levels.

Ultimately, these benefits reduce hunger and cravings for food, and you can feel your waistline reducing. Feel free to toss in some cacao nibs into your smoothies, oatmeal or Greek yogurt, and you can also melt dark chocolate over your fruits, like strawberries, tangerines, pineapple, mandarin or a fruit salad perhaps.

4. KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Mint Bar

If you can’t seem to cut down your cravings from preservative-rich chocolates and candy bars, just buy this incredibly healthy substitute and stock heaps of it in your purse.

It is loaded with protein and fiber, and it has a very low sugar content, so feel free to devour it every time you feel your sweet tooth craving a candy bar.



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