Starting a weight loss regime doesn’t necessarily mean cutting yourself from all delicious delicacies and forcing your taste buds to endure bland meals that taste like grass.

Remember, healthy food isn’t about neglecting your cravings for tasty delights. On the contrary, nature has gifted us countless sweet and sugary treats that help us reduce and maintain our weight, one just needs to embrace these foods and add them to one’s diet.

Chocolate and weight loss
Credit: MedMD

Here are the 8 most deliciously sweet snacks you ought to grab every time you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding up the calories:

1. Frozen Cherries

If you’re looking for a healthier way to satiate your sugary desires, it simply doesn’t get better than frozen cherries. You won’t feel the need for ice creams, flavored yogurts or all other frozen treats because this frozen delight will satiate your hunger and keep your full for hours to go.

All you need is one cup of frozen cherries, they will give you no more than 100 calories, and since they’ll take a long time to devour due to being frozen, you won’t find yourself looking for another snack for quite a while.

2. Honey Roasted Almonds

Almonds have garnered immense importance in weight loss and understandably so. Research reveals that since this incredibly healthy nut is packed with fiber, protein and healthy fats, it triggers feelings of satiation and fullness, which dissuade people from overeating or responding to unusual pangs of hunger.

And when you toss in some honey into this snack, not only do you energize and replenish your body with its nutrients, but you also satiate your sugar cravings. However, be sure to devour no more than a one-ounce serving, else the fat and calorie content may get out of control and sabotage your weight loss efforts.



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