This might be summers, but this is also great season to get prepared for winter. Winters are the best season of the year that brings nasty cold and flus with them but how about preparing for that already? The best way to stay away from colds and flus, and bacterial infections is to strengthen your immune system and this can be done by taking good amount of strong antioxidants, essential nutrients, vitamins and power packed drinks that boosts your immune system to great extent and gives you power to fight back with invaders.

Make your habit to have these drinks every day, any time of the day and you will be surprised in few days.


This delicious and aromatic combination of rosemary, garlic, oregano, bay, sage and onion etc. Is super rich in essential nutrients and healthy amino acids. This yummy broth is perfectly suitable for vegans, because this is all herbs and veggies and packed with delicious health benefits. A lot of people from us didn’t consider preparing broth at home for taste but we often take them for their healthy properties but this one can be prepared for its yummy taste as well. This ‘Leftover herb stock’ is rich in its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and diaphoretic actions and is an ideal tonic to give quick boost to immune system. If you still don’t like the taste (which is impossible) than consider this as an herbal medicine.

All the ingredients used in the stock are rich in essential nutrients like:

OREGANO, which is super rich in antibacterial and immune boosting properties along with vitamin E.

ROSEMARY, rich in memory enhancing properties, and is strong antibiotic, antimicrobial, and antispasmodic, with great aroma.

SAGE, again an amazing antiseptic, antimicrobial and great for treating pneumonia, tonsils, and is ideal for sore throat gargling.

THYME and BAY, both are rich in antiseptics and antibacterial properties, especially to fight cold, flu and chest infections.

ONION, one of the best herb to treat respiratory problems, and to add great aroma to the broth.

GARLIC, garlic is an ideal antibacterial herb that fight stomach worms, treats cold and flu, chest infection, improves digestion and sore throat.

BLACK PEPPER, is also an amazing remedy to treat cough, cold, flu and chest infections.


  1. I had no idea all of these ingredients were so benefical to our bodies, thanks so very much for all of these recipes and or ingredients. I will stock up on all of these. Thank you again, Karen Grantham.


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