6. Tadasana Variation

This powerful variation is a lesson that teaches about the correct way to engage our inner thighs and quads in order to prevent our knees from carrying extra body weak and becoming weak. You begin by standing with your feet open wide at a hip-width distance. You need to take a block and place it right at the base of your pelvic bone, tucked between your upper inner thighs. Now, slowly use your upper inner thighs to roll the block towards the wall behind you in order to make your hips stick outwards, like that of a duck.

Then, slowly bring your hips downwards in the direction of your heels as you gradually and softly raise the block upwards in the direction of your pubic bone. Now, bring your navel to the level of your spine, and rotate your palms forward as you roll your shoulders backwards.

Make sure your arms are resting by your sides as you hold this move for at least 15 seconds.

7. Chair Pose

Research reveals that the chair pose is highly effective for fortifying the glutes, hamstrings and quads. You begin by joining your feet together, bending your knees and relaxing your hips back so that your body weight is resting entirely atop your heels.

Now, stretch your arms upwards in the direction of the ceiling, and attempt to slowly lift up your torso further away from your thighs as you try to elongate both sides of your torso.

Be sure not to break away the natural curve that forms in your spine, and prevent your lower back from being abnormally arched or tucked beneath.


  1. Dr. When I 10 yrs. Old playing cricket sunddenly twist knee, not affordable to cure, now I m 50 yrs. Old without any treatment, every physical activity going very smoothly, only found little bit slow growth in right thai,( from part of knee to thai) need extra power as compare to left thai, for example motor cycle kick, when I kick with right leg need extra strength, so my question is how to improve and solve this problem ?


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