4. Janu Sirsasana Variation

Seat yourself on your yoga mat and stretch your legs in front of your body. Now, bend your left knee very slowly, place a strap below it and then, tuck your left foot in your inner right thigh. Then, use both hands to pull both sides of the strap downwards, in the direction of your outer knee.

Change your position and twist your torso atop your right knee, and move yourself a tad bit forward. If you feel the stretch and want to increase the sensation, use your right fingertips to touch your right foot. Hold this position for 10 seconds, and then repeat the entire position on the other side.

5. Forward Fold Variation

This position teaches us how to straighten our legs without having to fold the knees to straighten back. All you have to do is fold yourself forward and your knees perform a deep bend. You start by positioning your palms atop the bulbous region of your calf muscles, and make sure your fingers are pointing directly downwards in the direction of your heels.

Use the heels of your hands to press into your valves as you raise up your hips straight in an attempt to straighten up your legs. While performing this position, assess your ability to continue raising your hips directly atop your heels.

As you perform 3-5 rounds of this pose, be sure release your neck entirely. If you’re someone who prides over his/her flexibility, this particular stretch can work wonders at enhancing your body’s flexibility and agility by loosening it up.


  1. Dr. When I 10 yrs. Old playing cricket sunddenly twist knee, not affordable to cure, now I m 50 yrs. Old without any treatment, every physical activity going very smoothly, only found little bit slow growth in right thai,( from part of knee to thai) need extra power as compare to left thai, for example motor cycle kick, when I kick with right leg need extra strength, so my question is how to improve and solve this problem ?


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