2. Ditch Caffeine

Reduce your consumption of caffeine unless you can completely ditch it. Caffeine directly causes adrenal glands to immediately drain adrenaline and cortisol when you intake it. Instead of coffee, consume herbal teas and green tea as they have calming and healing properties.

3. Eat Vitamins B Enriched Foods

Vitamins B is energy booster and also help in coping with stress. Whole foods and plant-based foods are best for getting B vitamins. Vitamin B12 is necessary for healthy hormones, red blood cells function, brain function, and your entire health. However, this vitamin is not present in adequate quantity in the plant-based foods therefore you should take supplements for vitamin B12.

4. Use Herbs and Healing Spices

Herbs and healing spices are helpful in dealing with stress. Moreover, they are also capable of healing immune system during adrenal burnout. The best herbs and medicinal spices are coriander, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, spearmint, thyme, spearmint, garlic, ginger, oregano, and turmeric. Try to use them on and in the majority of your foods.



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