Adrenal glands have powerful capabilities for affecting the way we feel every day and manage different things. Adrenal fatigue or adrenal burn-out are the terms used when these glands are fully exhausted than their everyday duties. Stress related hormones like adrenaline and cortisol can assist in regulating the body. When you are stressed, then the adrenal glands emit these hormones for relaxing your body without being burned. These glands also help you when you are in trouble.

Care for Adrenal Glands During Burnout

When your adrenal glands are burnout, it becomes necessary to take good care of them in order to rebalance. First, you need to prioritize your sleep under this condition. The majority of the individuals with adrenal burnout undergo insomnia; therefore they must consume magnesium before going to bed. Daily 8 hours of sleep is good for health.

Also, avoid doing over-exercising until your adrenal glands are rebalanced. Exercises like yoga and walking are helpful for adrenal glands as they lessen stress hormones as well as improve GABA (anti-stress neurotransmitter found in the brain) that can make you feel relaxed and calm. The body gets stressed with over-exercising therefore it should be evaded.

Significance of Food to Improve Functioning of Adrenal Glands

Food also plays a significant role in rebalancing your adrenal glands. If your diet is enriched with stress-prompting chemicals and sugars, then these can directly affect adrenal glands as well as disturb your sleep, mood, weight and hormone function. Following foods are helpful in supporting adrenal glands.

1. Start With Whole Foods

Whole foods are necessary for good hormones and healthy diet. Processed foods are not capable of balancing stress hormones. Adrenal glands are assaulted by sugars and refined grains. Therefore you must eat organic, natural whole foods that are also best for adrenals. Also, try to intake as much green food as you can because these are enriched with healthy nutrients.



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