Brain tumors have become increasingly prevalent and they come in all kinds of forms with a distinctive set of features, along with a wide range of symptoms that indicate the presence of trouble within your brain.

In order to fully understand the symptoms caused by a tumor, it is essential to know its location because the tumor’s location can change the symptoms entirely. For instance, if the tumor has emerged near the brain area that is responsible for controlling your eyesight or your arm movements, the symptoms can cause a blurred vision or weakness in your limb muscles. Therefore, it is always essential to keep track of sudden changes in your limb movements and vision, for they can be linked to trouble brewing inside your brain.

Brain Tumor Symptoms and Causes
Credit: MedMD

Research reveals that it is important to grasp the fact the each cell present within our brain is capable of developing a tumour, and our brain controls and interprets all the information that is collected from every single part of our body, so the quantity of potential tumour symptoms is extremely difficult to encompass for it account for any given organ or function within your body.

However, there are certain signs and symptoms that commonly tend to occur in all the cases of brain tumours, and we’ve listed them below so you know what to watch out for.

Here, take a look:

1. Seizures

Regardless of the specific kind of tumor you may have developed, seizures are always regarded as one of the earliest indicators of trouble within the brain. The tumor can cause severe irritation, forcing the neurons within the brain to fire uncontrollably, which leads to the abnormal spasmodic movements that patients tend to experience.

Much like the tumors, seizures tend to have multiple forms and kinds. For instance, you could experience flexing in one muscle, limb or even one part of your face, or you could experience jerking, and even whole-body convulsions.


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