7. It determines your risk for breast cancer

Several studies have revealed that the later the onset of the menstrual cycle, the greater the risk for developing breast cancer. Research reveals that women who begin menstruating before turning 12 have a 20% greater risk of developing breast cancer as opposed to those women who begin menstruating after reaching the age of 14.

There is ample scientific evidence stating that women who reach the age of menopause after turning 55 have a 30% higher risk for developing breast cancer as opposed to those women who hit menopause before turning 45.

A recent study revealed that a longer menstrual life that began with an early onset and a late menopause is strongly associated with several kinds of breast cancers, including lobular tumors and estrogen-sensitive cancer.

The study further revealed that the greater the number of sex hormones and estrogen produced by your body in your entire lifespan, the higher your risk for developing hormone sensitive breast cancers. Even though one cannot control the onset of one’s menstrual cycle, preventive breast cancer is extremely easy and just requires some healthy habits.

Now that you are aware of all the health ailments your menstrual age has put you at risk for, start adopting healthier habits to form an effective preventive regime.


  1. Hi, my question is that when it’s time for my periods, it takes time and I feel myself tiredness, stomach aching about a week second week I feel my mouth tasteless I don’t feel like eating, and when It’s time for blood to flow stomach aching much, dizziness and vomiting much, until I vomit the yellow fluid three times then my blood flows how do I do because it’s making me sick much and it takes long or is it normal


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