5. Your first period doesn’t predict age of menopause

Research reveals that the average age for the onset of the menstrual cycle in the US is around age 12. Contrary to popular belief, getting a late period doesn’t indicate that your age of menopause will also fall in your later life. However, getting your periods at an early age also doesn’t indicate that you’ll enter your menopause at an early age in life.

Most women reach their age of menopause around the age of 51. And there are several other factors that affect this transition towards menopause, for instance genetics, smoking, addictions and more.

6. It can affect your weight

It works both ways, the onset of your first period can influence your weight and your weight can also affect the onset of your menstrual cycle.

Research reveals that women who begin menstruating before they turn 12 tend to become overweight in their teens and obese in their later years. However, medical science is unable to trace out what causes what, is it the weight that began the menstruation or whether the menstrual cycle caused the obesity.

Research states that a higher BMI in childhood is closely linked to an early menarche age, and a higher BMI in childhood eventually leads to a higher BMI in the later years as well.


  1. Hi, my question is that when it’s time for my periods, it takes time and I feel myself tiredness, stomach aching about a week second week I feel my mouth tasteless I don’t feel like eating, and when It’s time for blood to flow stomach aching much, dizziness and vomiting much, until I vomit the yellow fluid three times then my blood flows how do I do because it’s making me sick much and it takes long or is it normal


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