3. It can predict your risk for diabetes type 2

A recent study that examined over 15,000 women revealed that women who began menstruating between the age of 8 and 11 tend to have a 70% greater risk of developing diabetes type 2 as opposed to those who began menstruating at the age of 13.

Being overweight and obese is also strongly associated with this illness, and the study further revealed that an early menstruation also leads to a higher BMI in the later years, and a high BMI is a major cause of diabetes type 2.

The study also highlighted the role of insulin resistance, as certain hormonal changes that occur in the earliest years of puberty tend to increase the insulin resistance of the body. When the hormones of puberty are exposed to the process of menstruation at an early age, it leads to a persistent variation in the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and that puts a woman at risk for developing diabetes type 2.

4. It can predict the health of your pregnancies

Preeclampsia is referred to a severe complication that arises during pregnancy, and it is indicated by extremely high blood pressure levels, and severe organ damage that primarily affects the kidneys. If preeclampsia is not treated at once, it can prove fatalistic for both, the mother and the baby.

Research reveals that women who experience their first period around the age of 10 or even younger, are thrice more likely to experience preeclampsia as compared to women who began menstruating around the age of 13. And women who begin menstruating before reaching the age of 11 and are also obese tend to have an even higher risk of experiencing preeclampsia.


  1. Hi, my question is that when it’s time for my periods, it takes time and I feel myself tiredness, stomach aching about a week second week I feel my mouth tasteless I don’t feel like eating, and when It’s time for blood to flow stomach aching much, dizziness and vomiting much, until I vomit the yellow fluid three times then my blood flows how do I do because it’s making me sick much and it takes long or is it normal


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