Do you remember your age when your menstrual cycle began? Most of us have forgotten all about it since it’s least irrelevant to our health later in our lives, right?

Wrong! The age that marks the beginning of your menstrual cycle can help predict your risk for several illness, along with providing a great deal of insight about your health in the future.

Here, take a look at 7 health aspects that can be determined by your first period:

1. It can predict your risk for contracting a heart disease

Whether your first period arrived extremely early or unusually late determines your risk for heart diseases. An early period is one that arrives before reaching the age of 10, and a late period should come after you’ve turned 17.

Researchers revealed that women who began menstruated at an abnormally late or early age tend to have a greater risk for having a heart stroke, heart disease or hypertension as compared to women who got their first period at the age of 13. The age of menarche is linked to several health aspects of a woman, and an early menarche increases the risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. However, the exact reason behind this association is ambiguous. But if you’ve had an early age of menarche, you should adopt heart-healthy habits to cut down your risk.

2. It can predict your lifespan

Research reveals that women who began menstruating late and also experience menopause at a later age tend to live up to be as old as 90. Women who begin menstruating after the age of 12 are at a lesser risk for certain health ailments, and those women who experience menopause after reaching the age of 50 are highly likely to enjoy great physical and emotional health and a long lifespan.


  1. Hi, my question is that when it’s time for my periods, it takes time and I feel myself tiredness, stomach aching about a week second week I feel my mouth tasteless I don’t feel like eating, and when It’s time for blood to flow stomach aching much, dizziness and vomiting much, until I vomit the yellow fluid three times then my blood flows how do I do because it’s making me sick much and it takes long or is it normal


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