5. Cut down your portions and meals

When a mom takes a longer gap between her meals, a hormonal effect takes place in the milk supply. As her body begins collecting energy from all the energy reserves inside her body, the insulin production of her body decreases, and it also affects her thyroid hormone levels. The manipulation of thyroid hormone levels causes a decrease in the hormone that controls the quantity of milk made in the body, also known as prolactin. When the body is starving, one is likely to consume all the wrong kinds of foods that one can spot. So in order to avoid that, it is highly advisable to create a six meal plan comprising small meals to cover your energy levels for the entire day

6. Prepare your body for exercising

Be sure to wait out for at least seven to eight weeks before beginning or returning back to an exhausting workout regime. If you want to begin a serious workout regime after waiting out the transitional phase, start preparing your body and piling it with nutrients to prevent a loss of energy.

Be sure to take a healthy intake of carbohydrates at least half an hour before you begin exercising. Also, if you plan to start running, add up lots of starchy veggies to your diet in order to prevent a reduction in the milk supply of your body.

7. Stay Motivated & Maintain Consistency

Everybody responds differently towards the effects of a diet or an exercise regimen, so if you can’t seem to shed off those awful pounds despite all the hard work you have put in, do not despair. Remember, the celebrity moms you see in glossy magazines tend to have an army of people on their payroll just to help them lose weight. While you’re a super mom who has to manage everything on her own.

Research reveals that a healthy diet plan and a consistent exercise regime helps breastfeeding mothers usually reduce at the rate of around one pound every week, so as long as you maintain consistency, nothing can stop you from shedding off those pounds.

And the best part is, you can really customize your weight loss regime to accommodate your lifestyle and routine. You can either cut down your calories, or increase the intensity your exercise routine. Just be sure to burn more calories than you eat, and you’ll find yourself on the right path towards weight loss. So, if you don’t want to stop enjoying the meals you love and crave so much, just get a jogger stroller and hit the track with your baby alongside.


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