2. Set a realistic timeline

As a new mom, don’t expect yourself to be striking poses in your post-pregnancy dresses for at least the next six weeks. You need to set a realistic timeline, so that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself, or end up compromising your health and that of your baby. You see, over the nine months of your pregnancy, your body expanded from several areas in order to accommodate the baby, for instance your ribcage and hips. And it will take you some time to get every pound of that weight off of your body, and regain your old figure. You should start working on a consistent plan, but give yourself at least one year to completely transform your body to its old shape.

For the first two weeks after child birth, don’t even think about being obese, and this period is truly the most horrifying. But this is the time when you need to care after your baby, rather than begin a dieting regime. Doctors believe that new moms should wait for at least a period for six weeks before they begin to indulge in dieting or exercise.

And this is primarily because the first six to seven weeks are like a transitional phase, it is basically the period in which your baby is adjusting to the life outside the womb. This period is equally important for both, the child and the mother who is breastfeeding. In such a phase, you don’t want to start dieting regime that will distract your attention away from your infant.

3. Facilitate your diet

In order to make sure you stick to your diet regime, prepare your meals ahead in order to ensure that your diet ingredients for the coming week are all available in your freezer. It’s actually better to cut up your fruits and veggies, and store them in the freezing so that you have all your ingredients ready and chopped up, to create healthy and fresh meals.

You can stock up some steam-in-bag for your vegetables and use them in countless healthy snacks and salads. Just make sure that your fridge and cabinets are stocked up with healthy snack items so that you don’t have turn towards cookies and processed foods in order to satiate your cravings.

4. Reduce your calories to an extent

It’s important to cut down your calories, but be sure not to reduce them too much. It is essential to consume at least 1800 calories a day in order to keep your diet safe for your child and your body. Be sure to stock up your body with plenty of nutrients and a large variety of healthy foods.


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