Heart attack symptoms are not universal across different age groups and genders, and they tend to a great deal different for women as for men. But protecting yourself from such a fatalistic medical emergency is very much possible, all you need to do is watch out for the symptoms, take proper preventive measures and save your life from being preyed on by this life threatening medical ailment.

Most people believe that the most common symptom of a heart attack is to experience heaviness on your chest, as if a huge, massive boulder has been placed on your heart. Now, while this is true for men, women are most likely to experience no such thing. Truth to be told, research reveals that around 43% of female patients with a coronary don’t even experience chest pains to begin with.

The scary part is, for women, the symptoms are so subtle and silent, and that explains why they aren’t rushed to the Emergency Room as faster as men. But no matter how silent these symptoms are, they tend to be very fatalistic. Remember, if you get treated within an hour, your chances of recovery are 50%, but if you get delayed by three hours, your survival rate drops to 25%

However, with an ailment as overpowering and unpredictable as a heart attack, one can’t really work with mathematic probabilities of survival. It’s best that you read the signs mentioned below, and take immediate measures if you can relate to any of them, even if you’re still confused if it’s serious enough to consult a doctor. An embarrassment is a lot better than ending up 6 feet under the ground, inside a grave.

Here are 7 most common signs that can warn of you an impending heart attack and help you save your life!

1. Experiencing Mild Aches

Instead of experiencing a heavy boulder tied to their chest like most men do, women experience a mild pain, which doesn’t always occur near the heart or chest. It usually arises in your upper back, your shoulders, jaw, breastbone or you neck.



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