A headache is probably the worst thing that your body has to tackle, on top of all your countless chores, professional and domestic responsibilities. But the truth is, headaches are fairly common across all age groups and genders, so the best way to combat them is to always keep an instant cure at hand.

There are countless things that can cause you a headache, a hard to please boss, a bad traffic jam, a horrible argument with your spouse, too much noise, or a deadline you forgot all about and now you have to struggle to meet it. Sometimes, even our little pleasures can give us headaches, for instance, an ice cream headache, more commonly known as the brain freeze. Medical practitioners believe that a headache is basically your body’s reaction to emotional or physical stress.

Best Headache Home Remedies
Credit: MedMD

Stress often causes your head and neck muscles to contract, and that causes a headache to emerge. It can even constrict your blood vessels, causing severe vascular headaches or migraines. If you have an infected or congested sinuses problem, a throbbing headache can be a frequent visitor, however, do not despair for there are lots of quick DIY remedies that can rid you of this awful pain.

A headache can really hijack your energy and render your body fatigued and tired. We have compiled a list of 7 remedies that can be easily prepared at home, and can rid you of your headache instantly.

Here are 7 all-natural headache remedies that you can fix up at home!

1. Try Butterbur Extract

Butterbur is a remarkable herb that is a renowned and powerful remedy for migraines, and all migraine specialists recommend it as an instant cure. Several studies have proved that, Petadolex, the most commonly available butterbur extract, reduces the intensity and occurrence of migraine attacks with great effectiveness. If you regularly experience migraine pains, you should start with 75mg twice a day and continue this treatment for one month, then, reduce the dosage to 50mgs, two times a day.



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