Now it’s time to add some healthy ingredients in your smoothies for your good health. If you are fond of drinking smoothies, then it is advisable for you to add some beneficial ingredients in it along with its basic ingredients such as fruits, non-dairy milk, greens, and chia. Spices are a good option to add to your smoothies that give them a yummy flavor.

These spices are enriched with antioxidants and help in digestion. Some of these spices are also good for blood sugar and heart. Try to buy organic spices that will provide you healing effects. Following are the best healing spices that can be added to smoothies for good health.

1. Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon is helpful in lowering blood sugar. For best results, select Ceylon Cinnamon that is made with real cinnamon bark. It is sweet in taste and has no dangerous properties for your liver. You can easily get this spice online or from any supermarket. Add Ceylon Cinnamon in your smoothies for making them sweeter. You just need to add 1/8 teaspoon of this spice with cocoa, apple, berries, banana, non-dairy milk and plant-based protein powder.


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