Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day as it sets the tone of our body’s energy. If you start the day with depleted energy levels, it is highly likely that you will keep craving sugary treats and calorie-rich snacks to keep up your energy throughout the day. And if you’re breaking your fast with nutrient-deprived meals like frozen sandwiches, bagels, Danish, pastries, doughnuts and flavoured cereals, you are eating nothing but empty calories that won’t energize your body in the least.

Eating sugary treats and fake butters for breakfast will only make you crave more calories and high-sugar snacks in no more than an hour or two. Whereas healthier breakfast items, like oats, plain yogurt and eggs, will enrich your body with protein and fiber, which are the two essential nutrients for an energized and active morning.

We’ve picked out 7 extremely damaging breakfast offenders that put you at risk of low-energy levels, blood sugar spikes, weight gain, and in the long-run, chronic ailments like diabetes and heart diseases.

Here, take a look:

1. Packaged Cereals

Packaged and flavoured cereals are always a convenient and easy breakfast option for they require no more than two minutes, but be aware that they are loaded with sugar. Moreover, they lack all the essential nutrients, such as protein and fiber, which are needed to energize the body for the long day ahead.

Naturally, the empty calories derived from these packaged cereals are highly unlikely to keep you satiated until mid-morning, and soon, you’ll be seeking out unhealthy and calorie-rich snacks to satisfy your hunger. Instead of these processed cereals, why not pick out steel-cut oats that are just as easy to make, and they will keep you filled and satiated until lunch. You can also pick out high-fiber cereals, just make sure that the variety you pick contains less than 10g sugar per serving, and at least 5g of fiber.


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