6. Nuts

Research reveals that nuts are the healthiest foods to boost up the health of the heart. In fact, a recent study showed that all you need is 30 grams of mixed nuts in your Mediterranean-style diet to cut down your risk for developing heart diseases by a whopping 30%.

The best part is, nuts are incredibly satiating and very good at suppressing hunger, and hence, they will also help you cut down some unwanted belly fat. Health experts believe that pecans, almonds and walnuts are the best heart-healthy nuts to devour every day.

7. Cut down your Salt Intake

As far as salt is concerned, less is always more because foods that are rich in salt will increase your risk for contracting a heart stroke, or a heart attack. Basically, salt is made with chloride and sodium, and an excess of these nutrients is horridly harmful for the human body.

Research reveals that most individuals consume a mighty quantity of salt, which happens to be twelve folds greater that our daily sodium requirement. You can easily cut down your salt intake, just reduce your outdoor eating, especially those unhealthy processed foods that are brimming with salts.

Always Consult your Doctor

If you are under treatment or suspect the symptoms of a specific heart condition, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning a heart care regime. Don’t invest in any supplements, or even natural foods, before you have discussed your diet with your doctor.

Always pick out your food items and supplements after reading the information given on the labels. Contact your doctor as soon as you sport any persistent symptoms related to heart ailments.


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    CONCLUSION; peripartum dilated cardiomyopathy; severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction


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